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Medical malpractice lawsuit settled for $30 million

Doctors enjoy a special place in American society. It is one of the few professions in which patients and families wholeheartedly trust. It is a tremendous amount of pressure.Recently in Illinois, A young boy born in 2009 with a leaky esophagus and several other conditions, none of which were life threatening, received medical treatment from several doctors ? including the one that is the subject of this article.

According to the court documents, this doctor was a defendant in the ensuing lawsuit in Cook County. The child was the subject of 25 different surgeries to correct his medical conditions, including the leaky esophagus. It was on the 25th surgery that the child incurred an irreversible brain injury and cerebral palsy.

It appears that this doctor allegedly made several mistakes during the various surgeries. During the child's second operation, the doctor allegedly performed an operation negligently to repair the esophagus. Additionally, the child received several more surgeries over the course of 17 months. The doctor placed a stent in the child's throat and then replaced that same stent. He also attempted to stop the leak using a suturing device. The device he used was not authorized for this type of treatment. All of these methods were experimental and used to correct a condition that was not life threatening.

During the final surgery the doctor punctured the child's pulmonary artery which resulted in brain damage. The reason the settlement amount was so high for a couple of reasons. First, the child is young with serious brain injuries that will entail significant medical and assisted care living for the rest of his life. And second, because the doctor continued to deviate from the standard of medical care. The repeated use of experimental surgeries and repeated mistakes injured the child.

While this case too place in another state, families in Maryland have similar recourse following a doctor's negligence. If you or a loved one suffered an injury due to a doctor's error then you may want to speak to an attorney. Prosecuting medical malpractice cases is complicated and expensive only because the stakes are so high. This child will need to be able to support himself after his parents are gone and this money is intended to provide that care.

Source: Chicago Tribune, "$30M malpractice settlement against doctor who worked at Chicago hospitals," Ameet Sachdev, Feb. 22, 2016

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