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How do you know if a misdiagnosis occurred?

Diagnosing an illness or condition is like trying to solve a puzzle in the dark with a blindfold on. Doctor's cannot just open us up and take a look inside (not without a major surgery), so they are forced to rely on indirect methods of investigation. To assist doctors in this methodical trial and error process, there are professional organizations that compile data to inform doctors of probabilities. These standards are great because it makes available to doctors the latest in medical science. But, it also requires that they keep abreast of all new developments. This article will go over how you can know if you were the victim of a misdiagnosis.

It isn't enough for a doctor to make a mistake during diagnosis. For example, if you are suffering from a very rare disease for which there is very little knowledge or data, you cannot punish the doctor for not getting it right. Instead, you must establish that both:

  • A preventable mistake was made.
  • And, that there was an alternative treatment that could have improved your condition.

Establishing an injury due to failure to diagnose a disease can be complicated. You have to compare the doctor's decisions against the accepted standards and determine if the doctor's conclusions were reasonable under the circumstances. Moreover, this can only be established through the testimony of other doctors' analyzing the situation after the fact.

There are several ways a doctor can be held liable; for instance, if your doctor has not kept abreast of medical science or if your doctor made a preventable error that a different doctor would not have made. It all depends upon how your injury occurred and the actions of your doctor.

If you were injured due to a doctor's mistake in diagnosis, then you may want to speak to an attorney. Medical malpractice cases are complicated and take legal professionals to pick apart the situation. Regardless if you were injured due to an improper treatment or because your real illness went untreated, you may have a valid claim.

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