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Is there a new way to compensate victims of medical malpractice?

No-fault insurance, for the readers out there not from a no-fault car insurance state, means that neither party to an accident tries to allocate fault. So, if you are in a car accident you file a claim with your insurer and the other drivers file with their insurers. No one investigates or goes to court, it is all resolved quickly by the insurance companies. Over the next few years Georgia, Florida, Montana and Tennessee will debate the merits of applying a no-fault insurance system to medical malpractice cases.

Essentially, patients would be covered by their health insurer and, if they suffer an injury due to hospital or doctor negligence, they would file a claim against their own insurer. In theory, this will speed up the time it takes for patients to get access to compensation, reduce the stress of litigation and overall improve patient well-being. It will also remove the uncertainty of litigation for doctors and hospitals. This will affect a drop in litigation costs thereby saving money for everyone involved.

Another theory is that it will end or alleviate the confrontational relationship that can develop between doctors and their patients. If patients and doctors no longer have the threat of litigation hanging over their head it will allow them to focus on their relationship. This should raise the level of care and quality of life for everyone involved.

If you or a loved one was the victim of medical malpractice then you may want to speak to a lawyer. Perhaps one day this no-fault insurance system will be enabled, but as it stands, medical malpractice cases remain complicated and time-consuming. An experienced medical malpractice attorney could assess your case in an effort to help you pursue the answers you deserve and the money you need.

Source: Fierce Health Finance, "Medical malpractice: Former HCA chief proposes alternative to current system," Ron Shinkman, Feb. 8, 2016

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