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Medical documentation can help prove negligence

Medical malpractice lawsuits are heavily dependent upon documents. Your attorney was not present during diagnosis and treatment. In fact, it is possible that you were not privy to some of the important information regarding your treatment, so the best way to ascertain your doctor's medical decisions is to review the reports. Doctors sometimes must make complicated medical decisions, but with that responsibility, there is great power.

You are totally reliant upon the skill of your doctor, and while this is true for many professions, few others hold lives in their hands. This means that doctors are held to a higher standard of care. A malpractice claim for failure to diagnose does not mean that your doctor failed to identify the one-in-a-million disease ? it only means that through reasonable testing and analysis he or she should have arrived at the proper diagnosis.

If you are considering filing a malpractice lawsuit, then there are some documents you should bring to your first meeting with your attorney meeting. First, bring copies of all your medical records. You can request the complete record from your hospital, and they must give it to you. Additionally, keep copies of all your prescription records. These records are important in assessing the process by which your doctor arrived at her conclusions.

You will also want to bring your health insurance policy and forms to your attorney. Many insurers have loopholes that exempt them from certain procedures. They may also include deadline provisions that could jeopardize your coverage, especially if the doctor's conclusions are invalid.

It is recommended to bring copies of your medical bills and invoices. These documents are necessary to determine your medical costs. You may also want to bring documents detailing your lost wages, if any. Finally, keep every single document you receive from your doctor and hospital, you never know when something might become useful.

If you are considering filing a medical malpractice lawsuit against your doctor, it is important that your attorney has as much pertinent information as possible. An attorney can thoroughly examine your records to help determine if your doctor was in some manner negligent.

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