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January 2016 Archives

Medical documentation can help prove negligence

Medical malpractice lawsuits are heavily dependent upon documents. Your attorney was not present during diagnosis and treatment. In fact, it is possible that you were not privy to some of the important information regarding your treatment, so the best way to ascertain your doctor's medical decisions is to review the reports. Doctors sometimes must make complicated medical decisions, but with that responsibility, there is great power.

Cause dictates how to pursue brain injury claims

Brain injuries run the gamut from the relatively mild, like some concussions, to the severe, like a piercing of the frontal lobe. The fact is, brain injuries are extremely complex and can cause a wide variety of symptoms. And if you should suffer a brain injury due to the negligence of another, the circumstances of the event will typically dictate the manner in which you may pursue compensation.

Hospitals can be held liable for negligent acts of employees

People generally understand that a medical malpractice suit is an appropriate response to a clearly egregious error on behalf of a doctor, such as if a surgeon leaves a clamp inside a patient. But in what instances might a hospital be held liable? Someone or something has to be in control of quality and training for the doctors to ensure that mistakes are kept at a minimum. Hospitals are the entities that are supposed to see to it that a duty of care is exercised by all of its employees. Sometimes a hospital does everything it can and doctors just make mistakes, and other times the hospital shows a shocking lack of supervision over its doctors.

Think you have a birth injury claim?

You may have just found out that your child has a birth injury. There are no words that can describe the despair and fear that come with this revelation. It is also very likely that investigating the hospital and medical team for evidence of malpractice is the furthest thing from your mind. However, it is important that you don't wait too long. If your child was injured as a result of a mistake by the medical team, then you will need all the extra help you can get to make sure that your child has the resources he or she needs.

Surgical errors can prove fatal for elderly and children

Surgery is a word that makes even the most reckless person shudder. The idea of going to sleep and placing your fate in the hands of someone whom you met a handful of times is a terrifying thought. Luckily, doctors are an elite group of people with years of schooling, training and experience under their belt to ensure that mistakes are minimal.

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