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The basics of doctor-patient confidentiality

A duty of confidentiality is a special obligation owed by some professionals to their clients. Basically, it means that the professional cannot divulge any information gleaned during the professional relationship. In the context of your relationship with your doctor, this means that your physician, as well as their supporting medical staff, must keep secret everything they learn about you while providing medical care. If any of them violate this duty, then it breaches the duty of confidentiality that could give rise to an actionable lawsuit.

The purpose of this duty of confidentiality is to ensure that patients feel comfortable sharing information with their doctors. It certifies that patients can trust their doctors to focus on providing them care. This thereby enables physicians to focus on caring for their patients rather than on building trust, which could cost valuable time during the diagnosing process.

The duty of confidentiality requires, except in rare circumstances, that doctors and their medical teams obtain patient approval before they divulge any information. This information covers everything from details about your life to medical records, such as X-rays and CAT-scans and any medical opinions or conclusions regarding your care.

Even innocent or accidental disclosures of information can violate your right to confidentiality. While this usually isn't a major problem, it can occasionally be serious. If you think that your physician divulged information about your medical care, then you may want to consult with a lawyer experienced in tort and medical malpractice. These claims can be tricky so going over it with an attorney can help clarify your rights. Sharing your medical information is a serious breach of trust that can negatively impact the effectiveness of medical treatment.

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