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Birth injuries can arise during emergency procedures

Everyone wants the birth of their child to progress as smoothly as possible. No hiccups. No hang-ups. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Occasionally doctors must employ emergency procedures like the cesarean section or utilizing tools to extract the baby before major harm is incurred by the mother or child.

One of the tools available to doctors is the forceps. The forceps are like giant salad tongs that are used to grab the head of your baby and pull it out. These are used only when the child is having difficulty emerging. If your doctor recommends forceps, then it is likely that a cesarean section is also possible.

Many of these risks are associated with vaginal deliveries, but their risk and intensity are increased with the use of forceps. Sadly, the risks do not end with you. Birth injuries, though rare, do happen when forceps are used. Some of the injuries to your child are:

  • Skull fractures.
  • Weakness in the facial muscles that should be temporary.
  • Brain hemorrhage, which is bleeding in the skull.
  • Seizures.
  • Minor external eye trauma.
  • Facial injuries due to the pressure from the forceps.

Usually, your child will recover from these injuries. However, that is not always the case. Sometimes your child can be left with debilitating injuries and conditions that impact the rest of their life. Although the hospital should monitor your child for possible injuries, sometimes problems may not manifest for months.

An injury to your newborn at birth is a torrential experience. However, it is best not to allow your emotions to cloud your judgment. Your child will need money to support his or her medical expenses far into the future. An experienced birth injury attorney could possibly be the key to helping your family achieve a measure of stability. In turn, you may be able to better attend to your child's needs.

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