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How do you treat a brain injury?

There are many types of brain injuries that can be classified according to how they were incurred to the symptoms that are suffered. In the most basic sense, brain injuries can be divided into two types: mild and severe. All brain injuries are serious, so it is important that you do not treat a case of "mild" brain injury lightly.

The basics of doctor-patient confidentiality

A duty of confidentiality is a special obligation owed by some professionals to their clients. Basically, it means that the professional cannot divulge any information gleaned during the professional relationship. In the context of your relationship with your doctor, this means that your physician, as well as their supporting medical staff, must keep secret everything they learn about you while providing medical care. If any of them violate this duty, then it breaches the duty of confidentiality that could give rise to an actionable lawsuit.

Birth injuries can arise during emergency procedures

Everyone wants the birth of their child to progress as smoothly as possible. No hiccups. No hang-ups. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Occasionally doctors must employ emergency procedures like the cesarean section or utilizing tools to extract the baby before major harm is incurred by the mother or child.

Health care providers may not be forthcoming about birth injuries

Humans make mistakes. It is an inevitable part of being human. Usually, these mistakes are only minor annoyances like miscounted change at the local deli or getting a medium fry when you ordered large. However, sometimes despite all the schooling and training, doctors are still just human and prone to the same errors as the cashier from the deli. Errors during birth can be especially devastating.

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