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Always seek a second opinion if you fear for your baby's health

As most residents of Maryland know, a misdiagnosis can be a huge problem. It is already bad enough when a doctor fails to diagnose a condition, as it means that illness or injury goes untreated for longer than it should. However, when a misdiagnosis is made, the problem is often compounded by the administration of an inappropriate treatment.

This can have hugely detrimental effects on anyone, but when the patient is a young child, the consequences can be even more severe. Babies are especially vulnerable as they cannot tell medical personnel or their parents what they are experiencing. They rely on the vigilance of the people caring for them. Sadly, many babies acquire brain injuries or suffer other harm during birth. If these injuries remain undiagnosed and untreated, they can affect your child for the rest of their life.

As this video on birth injuries explains, if your baby has suffered a brain injury or has a brain abnormality, this might not be detected immediately. As a result, the issue may be overlooked, meaning your baby does not receive the extra care and support that he or she needs. If you have any suspicions that your child may have suffered a birth injury, do not be afraid to request another scan or a second opinion. Your child's well-being has to come first.

The discovery that your child has been injured can be a difficult reality to face. You may find yourself wondering where to turn or how you will handle legal matters when all you want to do is care for your child. This is where an attorney could prove to be of invaluable assistance. He or she can oversee your claim and may be able to support you in your pursuit of the justice and remuneration that you and your baby deserve.

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