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September 2015 Archives

A doctor's error can affect more than just your health

Patients in Maryland know that many of the medical professionals they encounter are diligent, hard-working people who want the best for their patients. However, this is not the case across the board and, as happens throughout the United States, there are many occasions where doctors and other medical personnel fail to adhere to the standards set out for them. Sadly, it is often the patients who suffer as a result.

Always seek a second opinion if you fear for your baby's health

As most residents of Maryland know, a misdiagnosis can be a huge problem. It is already bad enough when a doctor fails to diagnose a condition, as it means that illness or injury goes untreated for longer than it should. However, when a misdiagnosis is made, the problem is often compounded by the administration of an inappropriate treatment.

Boaters injured in Maryland collision

Every year in Maryland, accidents that may at first seem minor lead to life-changing brain injuries in people of all ages. For some, it is a trip or fall resulting in a knock to the head. Others develop brain injuries as the result of sudden shaking, such as may occur during a car accident. In some cases, these injuries can happen at birth, due to a baby's oxygen supply being temporarily cut off, or even as the result of excessive forceps pressure.

What is a birth injury?

When a new baby joins the family, it is a happy event. After months of waiting and preparing, your new son or daughter finally arrives. As most residents of Maryland will agree, this is one of the happiest moments in a parent's life. However, it is a sad fact that things can still go wrong and your child may be injured during birth. Worse still, these injuries can sometimes have lifelong consequences.

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