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Neck trauma can cause brain injury

Throughout Maryland, innumerable people are injured every year, often in preventable accidents. Sadly, many of these injuries have serious consequences which can turn out to be life-changing. Head injuries are often particularly worrying as the extent of the damage is not always immediately apparent. Even though there may be no external signs of harm, this does not mean that the brain has not been injured.

It is an alarming prospect, but it is absolutely worth seeking medical attention even for a minor knock. It is far better to be safe than sorry and if there are any signs of brain damage, rapid detection can facilitate the treatment process and increase the chances of recovery. Some symptoms can take more time to develop, so it is also vital to be aware of the signs of a brain injury even if the most recent incidence of head trauma was some time ago.

Another thing that is often overlooked is the fact that an injury does not need to have directly impacted the head to cause brain damage. As this article on personal injury explains, even neck trauma can lead to swelling, bruising or bleeding to the brain. Depending on the location and severity of the damage, this could result in significant changes to your ability to move, speak, reason or even form memories, among other things.

While it is a difficult thing to think about, it is important to act quickly in the event of a brain injury. Once you have sought medical assistance, the next step may be to consider legal action. You should not have to suffer for someone else's mistake, so if their negligence caused your injury, you might be entitled to compensation. An attorney can advise you about your options and might be able to support you in making a claim.

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