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July 2015 Archives

Can your medical history affect your claim?

Many patients in Maryland know how it feels to be let down by your doctor. It can be frustrating when you feel like you are going around in circles, never getting any answers. However, this may be preferable to being given an incorrect diagnosis. Whatever the case, if you are not receiving the correct treatment and support for your illness, it can steadily become frustrating.

Neck trauma can cause brain injury

Throughout Maryland, innumerable people are injured every year, often in preventable accidents. Sadly, many of these injuries have serious consequences which can turn out to be life-changing. Head injuries are often particularly worrying as the extent of the damage is not always immediately apparent. Even though there may be no external signs of harm, this does not mean that the brain has not been injured.

You should not have to pay the price for your doctor's mistake

In Maryland, countless people every year rely on medical professionals to help them through periods of ill health. This does not only include prescribing a treatment plan and supporting you through the process, but even identifying your illness in the first place. No matter how clear your symptoms may seem, there are many conditions that can present in a similar fashion to each other and without advanced medical knowledge, it can be hard to differentiate them.

Man to receive hefty compensation following failed surgery

The idea of surgery going wrong is a pervasive fear that affects countless people in Maryland and throughout the United States. The thought that you could place your life in someone's hands only for them to exacerbate your condition is an extremely distressing one. Sadly, it is something that happens all too often, to far too many people, turning their lives upside-down and dramatically affecting their futures.

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