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June 2015 Archives

Can medicine harm your baby?

When you are expecting a baby, there is a lot to plan and organize and you may also need to make a few changes to your lifestyle. For example, it's time to cut out alcohol and smoking and be wary of overly strenuous activities. But what about medicines? Many women have daily medications that dramatically affect their quality of life, so the prospect of not taking them for several months can be daunting.

Your doctor may be willing to work with you to resolve an error

As many residents of Maryland know, it can be extremely distressing when you discover that your doctor has made a mistake. Not only can the error itself cause you significant problems and even exacerbate your condition, but the issue can also make it hard to trust your doctor in the future. It is often hard to know what to do when confronted with medical malpractice, but making the right choices can significantly improve your chances of resolving the situation.

New technology could improve cancer diagnosis

Being diagnosed with a serious illness can be an extremely distressing experience. Suddenly you are faced with the long-term implications of your condition, as well as the potential treatment plan and associated medical bills. However, as many patients in Maryland know, having a diagnosis also means you know what you are dealing with. It gives you the chance to seek appropriate treatment and to prepare yourself to handle the condition in the most effective manner.

Even a minor error can cause life-changing damage

Patients in Maryland are often fortunate enough to receive excellent care from the medical professionals on whom they rely. Going through surgery is seldom a pleasant experience and the prospect can often be daunting and distressing. As such, you hope that the doctors and nurses responsible for your care will do everything they can to ensure that the procedure goes smoothly and that you are suitably looked after.

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