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What is anoxia?

As many parents in Maryland know, a brain injury can seriously affect your child's future. Not only can the trauma of such an incident cause significant emotional distress, the effects of the injury can affect your child's development or even leave them with permanent disabilities. Sadly, every year more children suffer serious brain injuries that change their lives and alter their futures.

Brain injuries come in many forms, but are often caused by trauma to the head or some form of violent shaking that causes the brain to impact the skull. However, many brain injuries are the result of oxygen deprivation. If a child's brain is completely deprived of oxygen, a state known as anoxia, cells quickly die, resulting in serious damage to the brain or even the death of the child.

As this article on brain injuries explains, there are various ways in which anoxia can occur. As well as the child simply being starved of oxygen, anoxia can also be caused by toxins which prevent their bodies from using oxygen correctly or by anemia, in which their blood is unable to carry the oxygen required.

Sadly, such injuries can occur through medical malpractice. If your child is starved of oxygen during birth, they may suffer the effects of anoxia or acquire a hypoxic brain injury. This latter condition occurs when the brain still receives some oxygen, but not enough.

If you or your child have suffered a brain injury as the result of someone else's negligence, you may benefit from the support and advice of an attorney. He or she can evaluate your case and may be able to assist you if you decide to file a claim against those responsible.

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