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Faulty weight conversions lead to patient overdose

Any patient in Maryland who has spent time in a hospital already knows how many different people can come and go during your treatment. Various individuals will look at your charts, make notes or alterations based on fresh observations and decide your treatment accordingly. However, a single mistake in this process can be disastrous, leading to erroneous treatment and an unpleasant or even dangerous experience for you, the patient.

Worryingly enough, the mistakes do not only happen here, but can even creep into your medical records. This has become a particular concern as all too often patients are given drug doses that are far too high. This is because when their weight is converted between kilograms and pounds or vice versa, the calculation is sometimes inaccurate. This in turn leads to the wrong dosage being administered, with potentially fatal consequences.

It has been suggested that the health service should switch to using the metric system exclusively, in order to avoid this dangerous opportunity for mistakes to be made. Whether it is the result of a miscalculation or simply misinterpretation, treating a patient based on an incorrect weight can be extremely dangerous. However, standardizing the system may reduce the chance of such dire slip-ups occurring.

If you have been the victim of medical malpractice in any form, you might benefit from the support of an attorney. He or she can advise you on the options available to you and might even be able to assist you in your quest for justice and remuneration for your ill treatment.

Source: Modern Healthcare, "A gram of prevention: Providers urged to go metric to avoid medication errors," Sabriya Rice, May 1, 2015

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