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May 2015 Archives

What is anoxia?

As many parents in Maryland know, a brain injury can seriously affect your child's future. Not only can the trauma of such an incident cause significant emotional distress, the effects of the injury can affect your child's development or even leave them with permanent disabilities. Sadly, every year more children suffer serious brain injuries that change their lives and alter their futures.

Some drugs may cause birth defects

For families in Maryland, the arrival of a new baby is an exciting time. After months of planning and looking forward to the happy day, you are ready to welcome a child into your family. With any luck, everything will go smoothly and you can go home with your healthy baby. However, it is a sad fact that not every birth goes smoothly and some children are born with life-changing birth defects. Not only can this be a big shock for the parents, but it may completely alter their plans for the future.

Can your doctor be liable for misdiagnosing cancer?

It is a sad fact that throughout Maryland more people are diagnosed with cancer every year. This illness has a profound effect on both its victims and their families and a diagnosis of this nature can be very hard to come to terms with. However, advances in medical science mean that there are many ways cancer can be combated and if caught early enough it can even be sent into remission.

Faulty weight conversions lead to patient overdose

Any patient in Maryland who has spent time in a hospital already knows how many different people can come and go during your treatment. Various individuals will look at your charts, make notes or alterations based on fresh observations and decide your treatment accordingly. However, a single mistake in this process can be disastrous, leading to erroneous treatment and an unpleasant or even dangerous experience for you, the patient.

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