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Your baby?s well-being deserves to be protected

In Maryland, countless families welcome new babies each year. This is generally a joyful event, though the months leading up to the birth are often busy and exhausting. There is a lot to plan, but also a lot to look forward to. However, for some parents their expectations are shattered by tragedy on the day of their baby's birth.


This is because, although the majority of medical professionals are reliable and hard-working, there are sadly a few who remain careless despite the importance of their job. Poor decisions or failure to stick to best practices can lead to critical errors that can endanger your baby's life and dramatically alter his or her future.

One of the common consequences of such failures is brain injury. A baby's brain is poorly protected by its still-developing skull. As such, excessive pressure during delivery can cause lasting damage. Similarly, if your baby does not receive enough oxygen over too great a period of time, this can also result in brain damage.

The effects and extent of brain injuries can vary greatly, but they can often mean a significant reduction in your child's quality of life. They may develop learning difficulties, have problems with their mobility, vision or hearing or even develop seizures.

It is a difficult thing to come to terms with, yet if your child should suffer a brain injury as the result of medical negligence, you can still fight for his or her happy future. With the right support and treatment, you and your child can find the best way to adapt to the injury and learn to cope in order to move forward. Meanwhile, you might also consider taking legal action against those responsible. Our page on brain injuries has further information on how this may help you and an attorney may also be able to advise you. By challenging careless medical professionals, you can help to protect other families from their mistakes and may be able to secure some remuneration for the harm done to your child.


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