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Skull damage can affect brain injury symptoms

Many families in Maryland already know what it's like to support a family member with a traumatic brain injury. The sad fact is that these life-changing injuries are not uncommon. Some can have a far greater impact on an individual's future than others, but even minor brain injuries can be deeply distressing and take a very long time to recover from.

Some people lose the ability to move or speak, some struggle to form new memories while others lose previous memories. Some suffer from violent mood-swings and regularly feel anxious, upset or irritable. All of these things are not only difficult for the victim of the injury, but also for their family as they work to come to terms with the change.

Treatment can be costly and may take years. It all depends on the type and severity of the injury and also on how quickly it was recognized and identified. As this article on TBIs explains, even the matter of whether it was an open or closed injury can come into play. For example, an open head injury is one where the skull is broken in some way. This often leads to localized damage, with the effects depending on the location of the injury.

A closed TBI is often caused by blunt force and does not result in any fractures or breaks in the skull. This often means that the force of the impact is diffused across the skull and the brain beneath it. As such, the severity and type of symptoms that may present as a result depend on how much of the impact got through to the brain and how much damage that caused.

Dealing with any form of injury is often difficult and it is vital to have it identified and treated quickly. If you feel you have been let down by medical professionals, you might benefit from the support of an attorney.

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