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Patient to receive $21.8 million following surgical error

For patients in Maryland, undergoing surgery can be a distressing thought. Although the process is likely to go smoothly and be overseen by diligent professionals, there is still the chance that something might go wrong. There are numerous checks and safeguards in place to prevent this happening. However, if one member of staff is negligent in their duties, it could spell disaster.

In one case in Philadelphia, a patient was left blinded after a lengthy back surgery went horribly wrong. Left under general anesthesia for a period of almost nine hours, lying in a prone position, the patient alleges that his condition was not given adequate attention. The procedure has been suggested to have been unnecessarily lengthy. Meanwhile, complications such as hypotension are said to have been left unaddressed.

The attorney of the surgeon responsible suggested that the blindness may have arisen in part from the patient's diabetes which was described as being poorly controlled. He also countered that it was usual for back operations of this nature to take in excess of four hours. However, the patient not only lost his sight, but his back condition is believed to have worsened. He is to receive $21.8 million in compensation.

Sadly, incidents like this are all too common and patients are left with life-changing illnesses or complications. If you feel that your surgery was improperly performed or that you have been harmed by the negligence of a medical professional, your attorney may be able to help. With the right guidance, you can challenge those responsible for your injuries and may be able to secure compensation.

Source: Outpatient Surgery, "Blinded Patient Sees $21.8M Verdict," Feb. 5, 2015

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