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Excessive force could harm your baby

Any form of head trauma is a worry, no matter how old or young you may be. Every year, countless residents of Maryland have their lives permanently altered as the result of brain injuries. Some experience an unexpected fall, others are attacked or have something strike them in the head, others suffer brain injuries through oxygen deprivation. Some, however, suffer these life-changing injuries on the day that they are born.

The arrival of your baby is a happy day, but sadly not all births go as smoothly as you might hope. In some cases the umbilical cord can become wrapped around the child's neck, while in other cases the baby may become stuck and need to be guided out using forceps. Each of these complications can result in permanent injury to your child.

If the cord remains around the baby's neck for too long, it could starve its brain of oxygen. Equally, excessive forceps pressure can also harm the baby's brain. Furthermore, these are not the only ways harm can come to your newborn baby. Some develop brain injuries in the womb, something that can happen if you are prescribed the wrong sort of medication during your pregnancy.

Raising a child with a brain injury comes with its own unique challenges. However, your child can still live a happy life and deserves all the support and care you can provide. Our page on brain injuries has further information on your options. An attorney may also be able to assist you if you decide to make a claim against those responsible for the harm done to your baby.

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