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February 2015 Archives

Excessive force could harm your baby

Any form of head trauma is a worry, no matter how old or young you may be. Every year, countless residents of Maryland have their lives permanently altered as the result of brain injuries. Some experience an unexpected fall, others are attacked or have something strike them in the head, others suffer brain injuries through oxygen deprivation. Some, however, suffer these life-changing injuries on the day that they are born.

Who counts as being a medical professional?

Not all patients in Maryland receive the care and professionalism they deserve from the doctors and nurses attending them. At best, this can be frustrating as it can increase the time needed for a diagnosis and slow down the healing process. At worst, it can lead to serious and permanent complications or even death. As such, medical malpractice should never be tolerated. Reporting those responsible is often the best way to improve your own situation and prevent others from being similarly harmed in the future.

Patient to receive $21.8 million following surgical error

For patients in Maryland, undergoing surgery can be a distressing thought. Although the process is likely to go smoothly and be overseen by diligent professionals, there is still the chance that something might go wrong. There are numerous checks and safeguards in place to prevent this happening. However, if one member of staff is negligent in their duties, it could spell disaster.

Excessive force can cause permanent damage to your child

The arrival of a new baby is an exciting time. However, not all births go smoothly and sometimes medical professionals need to intervene to ease the process. Often this occurs without incident, leaving mother and baby healthy and happy. However, all procedures have their risks and if a single mistake is made, this could result in permanent harm to your child.

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