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Shoulder dystocia can lead to Erb's palsy

The arrival of a baby is a happy time. After months of planning, you are finally able to welcome your child into the world. In Maryland, medical professionals are generally highly-skilled and work to deliver the best quality of care they are able to the mothers they work with. However, not everyone is so diligent and some families are faced with the devastating news that their child has been injured during birth.

In a previous article, we discussed the causes and implications of shoulder dystocia. This form of birth injury, still all too common, can lead to even further complications with potentially life-long consequences for your child. This includes Erb's palsy, also known as brachial plexus, a serious condition caused by stretching of your child's neck during birth.

If your baby's neck is stretched too much to the side, the delicate nerves within could be damaged. This condition, which affects approximately one or two babies per 1,000, can cause weakness in your child's arm and restrict their ability to move it. Fortunately, functionality can often be recovered via physical therapy, but this is not always the case.

As this article on Erb's palsy explains, the severity of the condition tends to depend upon how much damage has been done to the nerves. If they are simply stretched, a recovery is far more likely. If they are torn, surgical intervention may be called for.

Often these injuries could have been prevented if the medical personnel involved opted for a different birth process such as a cesarean. If you feel that your child has been injured by medical negligence, you might want to make a claim. An attorney may be able to offer advice on this and guide you through the process.

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