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Medical malpractice rife throughout the United States

It is a sad fact that patients throughout the U.S. do not receive the care they deserve. While most medical professionals do everything in their power to provide excellent care, there are still those who are negligent in their duties. Unfortunately, it is those few who give the rest a bad name and cause untold suffering to the patients they encounter.

Maryland is no exception to this trend. For example, in one case, an anesthesia provider based in the state was sued by a colonoscopy patient. The patient in question claimed that the physicians attending him made defamatory statements about him during the procedure. The physicians were accused of commenting on the patient's sexuality and discussing avoiding him.

Similar stories have arisen across the United States, including a patient who was left unattended following her sedation, with fatal consequences. Another patient allegedly died as a result of the attending anesthesiologist being distracted by his phone. And not only patients suffered at the hands of unprofessional behavior. In one instance, a surgeon was ordered to pay $40,000 after allegedly kicking a nurse.

Cases like these could and should be avoided. They cause endless pain and suffering to the patients and their families. Yet all too often negligent physicians are allowed to continue practicing. As such, it is vital to report any incidences of malpractice that you encounter, both for your own sake and to protect future patients. If you encounter medical malpractice of any kind, an attorney may be of use to you. He or she can help you evaluate the incident and may be able to assist you if you decide to make a claim.

Source: Outpatient Surgery Magazine, "What Were Outpatient Surgery Magazine's Most Popular Online Stories of 2014?," Dec. 31, 2014

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