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January 2015 Archives

A brain injury could change your child's life

As many parents in Maryland are aware, a newborn's head is extremely delicate. The slightest knock or even a sudden movement can cause lasting damage. This is even the case before the child is born, so pregnant women must take extra care not to do anything that could endanger their unborn child. However, no matter how careful you are, sometimes things can go wrong during the birthing process.

How does misdiagnosis occur?

Patients in Maryland are fortunate enough that many of the medical professionals they come into contact with are hard-working and good at their jobs and such is the case throughout the United States. However, this is not true of everyone in the medical profession. Whether a doctor or nurse is usually negligent or is simply having a bad day, a mistake can have serious repercussions for the patient concerned.

Medical malpractice rife throughout the United States

It is a sad fact that patients throughout the U.S. do not receive the care they deserve. While most medical professionals do everything in their power to provide excellent care, there are still those who are negligent in their duties. Unfortunately, it is those few who give the rest a bad name and cause untold suffering to the patients they encounter.

Shoulder dystocia can lead to Erb's palsy

The arrival of a baby is a happy time. After months of planning, you are finally able to welcome your child into the world. In Maryland, medical professionals are generally highly-skilled and work to deliver the best quality of care they are able to the mothers they work with. However, not everyone is so diligent and some families are faced with the devastating news that their child has been injured during birth.

Were any mistakes made during your operation?

Going in for surgery can be a daunting experience. No matter how simple the procedure may be, the thought of placing yourself completely into the hands of others can be worrisome. Fortunately for most patients in Maryland, medical professionals tend to be well-trained and good at their jobs. However, it only takes the slightest mistake for devastating consequences to arise and the effects may not always be immediately apparent.

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