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Be prepared to challenge a failed diagnosis

You know when you are not feeling yourself even if your symptoms are not immediately apparent to others. Fortunately, Maryland is full of skilled and dedicated medical professionals who will do all they can to ensure you receive the care and treatment you require. However, not every patient is so fortunate and some conditions go undiagnosed and untreated despite the insistence of the patient that something is wrong.

If your illness is missed by a doctor, it could get worse. The longer it remains untreated, the greater the risk to your health. Worse still, if you are diagnosed with a different condition, you could end up paying for costly treatment that is doing nothing for you. If you are even more unlucky, that treatment could cause further health complications.

It is always worth seeking a second opinion if you have any doubts about your medical treatment or diagnosis. Furthermore, if your doctor dismisses your symptoms as nothing when you know they are affecting your quality of life, it is important to fight back.

As this article on misdiagnosis explains, you may have a case for a medical malpractice claim if your doctor misses your condition. Of course, if your doctor is found to have made a reasonable decision based on the evidence he or she had, this could affect the success of your claim. As such, it is important to fight for a thorough investigation. This means you should either receive the treatment you require, or good grounds to take legal action if you do not.

An attorney may be able to advise you if you are considering filing a claim. He or she can examine the details of your situation and may be able to help you identify any flaws in the medical process you have undergone.

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