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A negligent doctor could change your child's life

The day your child is born is one you are never likely to forget. For many parents in Maryland, it is the happiest day of their lives, rivaled only by the births of any other children they have. However, for some families this joyful day is tarnished by disaster. A single mistake on the part of a medical professional involved in the birth could spell tragedy for the family and their newborn baby.

If the infant's supply of oxygen is interrupted in any way, it can lead to long-term damage in the form of a brain injury. This can leave the child with severe learning difficulties or even problems with moving, speaking or forming memories. Furthermore, the extent of the damage may not become fully apparent for several years, as the child develops.

Brain injuries can be caused by various mistakes, from improper use of forceps to failure to carry out a cesarean section. The smallest error can have life-changing consequences, so it is vital that negligent medical personnel are held accountable for their actions. Although it may not be able to change things for your child, it can at least serve to protect future newborns from the same fate.

Our page on brain injuries contains more detailed information on what you can do if you believe your child was harmed during birth. You might want to file a medical malpractice claim or even seek a payout on your insurance. An attorney may be able to support you at this difficult time and assist you in pursuing the compensation that you and your baby deserve.

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