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When you are unwell, it is natural to hope for efficient and effective treatment from your doctors. For many patients in Maryland, this is exactly what is provided. Unfortunately, everyone makes mistakes and not everyone gives as much care and attention to their job as they should. Sadly, when this happens with a medical professional, it is often the patient who suffers the consequences.

Correctly identifying an illness or condition is a vital part of the medical process. As we have discussed previously, without the correct diagnosis the right treatment will not be provided and the condition may be allowed to worsen. On top of this, the administration of incorrect treatment can be extremely taxing on the body and may cause further harm to the patient.

Medical professionals have a responsibility to their patients to carefully consider their diagnoses and weigh up the risk of treatments. These risks should also be fully explained to the patient so they understand what they are agreeing to. Even then, if the condition is misdiagnosed, the patient might be persuaded to agree to a harmful treatment in the belief that the negative effects will be outweighed by the benefits.

If you have been harmed by a misdiagnosis or the failure to recognize your condition, you might want to consider filing a medical malpractice claim. An attorney can advise you about the process, and there is also further information on our misdiagnosis page. Challenging negligent medical professionals is an important part of improving the health service for other patients.

Not only might you be able to receive compensation for the harm done to you, by instigating an investigation you might help to prevent similar mistakes being made in the future.

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