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November 2014 Archives

Over 4,000 surgical “never events” occur each year

Everyone makes mistakes, regardless of their profession, experience or the care they take. This is the reason that in many professions, particularly health care, double and triple checks are made to be sure that everything is in order. Often errors will be minor and easily resolved. However, sometimes a serious matter goes unnoticed, resulting in serious harm to the patient involved.

Do not stand for medical malpractice

When you are unwell, it is natural to hope for efficient and effective treatment from your doctors. For many patients in Maryland, this is exactly what is provided. Unfortunately, everyone makes mistakes and not everyone gives as much care and attention to their job as they should. Sadly, when this happens with a medical professional, it is often the patient who suffers the consequences.

Maryland toddler suffers brain injury in tragic accident

A brain injury is a very serious matter and can affect the victim for life. This is bad enough for an adult who then has to relearn lost skills and adapt to being what may be an entirely different person. The effects of a brain injury can range from loss of motor skills to reduced memory to an inability to do everyday things such as speak, eat or walk. But what happens when the victim is a child with his or her whole life ahead?

Understand the risks of shoulder dystocia

The birth of a new baby is usually a happy time. Medical professionals in Maryland will usually do everything they can to ensure the health and well-being of the mother and her newborn child. Often, everything goes smoothly and there is nothing to worry about. However, this is unfortunately not always the case.

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