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MS experts highlight prevalence of misdiagnosis

Waiting to be diagnosed is an unpleasant experience. You are constantly in limbo, waiting for an answer that will allow you to start treatment and begin to regain your life. But what happens if that diagnosis is incorrect? Not only does your existing condition go undiagnosed, but the treatment you are receiving could be doing further harm to your body.

In one study, carried out by the Oregon Health and Science University, it emerged that in the space of a single year, hundreds of patients were found to have been misdiagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Being told you have such a debilitating disease is distressing news in itself. But to make things worse, many of those patients had already begun treatment for the condition before the misdiagnosis was detected.

This widespread misjudgment cost the health system millions of dollars in unnecessary treatment. On top of that, the patients went without the treatment they required, while receiving therapy for MS. This therapy can cause very serious side effects in some cases and is extremely costly, leaving patients out of pocket and in worse health than they were before.

As we saw in a previous post, misdiagnoses and failures to diagnose can often lead patients to make medical malpractice claims. However, financial remuneration is small recompense for the pain and suffering many of them have endured.

If you find yourself in a similar position, you may benefit from the advice of an attorney. He or she can evaluate your situation and help you to understand the options that might be available to you. By challenging negligent medical personnel, you may be able to pursue compensation and help to prevent similar harm coming to future patients.

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