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Be aware of time limits if you plan to report a doctor's error

When you are unwell, you place yourself into the hands of medical professionals in the hope that they will be able to help you. Often, they will work to the best of their ability to figure out the problem and provide you with the care and treatment you require. However, sometimes your doctor makes a mistake.

If you are misdiagnosed or given the wrong treatment, it could have a serious impact on your health, subjecting you to needless harm. Furthermore, if the actual problem is missed, it could continue to worsen while it remains untreated. Doctor errors can be a significant danger to a patient's life and should not be ignored. However, if you plan to commence legal proceedings against a negligent doctor, you may need to act quickly.

As is explained here, there is a time limit on making medical malpractice claims. If you do not file within this time limit, known as the statute of limitations, you may no longer be eligible to do so, regardless of your situation's merit. To make things more complicated, the point at which the statute of limitations is deemed to begin running varies from court to court.

In some courts it begins at the point that the act of alleged malpractice occurred. Others claim it only begins when an injury arises from that action. A third view is that it runs from the point at which treatment ended. However, a final approach is to treat it as beginning when the injured party found out, or at least should have found out that he or she had been injured.

It is a complicated matter to consider, especially when you are already unwell. However, an attorney may be able to help you ensure that you meet the relevant deadlines and support you as you pursue compensation for your injuries.

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