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July 2014 Archives

What happens if your child is injured at birth?

Welcoming a new child into the world can be a wonderful experience. For many families in Maryland, this process goes smoothly and medical professionals ensure that mother and baby receive the care and attention they require. Unfortunately, once in a while things go wrong. Some children are born with unpreventable birth defects which can make their lives harder and leave them in need of long-term medical care.

Triathlete seeks return of helmet after brain injury

The brain is a critical and delicate thing. Even the most minor of knocks can have lasting effects, depending on the part of the brain affected. The other great danger of brain injuries is that they do not always present themselves immediately. It can be days or even weeks before victims and their families find out that there is anything wrong.

Woman dies after doctor leaves a sponge in her abdomen

The prospect of surgery is a distressing one for many people. The prospect of being anesthetized and operated upon can be daunting. However, the diligence and professionalism of many doctors should be enough to put their patients' minds at ease. Unfortunately, this is not the case with all doctors and many patients in Maryland are subjected to surgical errors which can dramatically affect their quality of life.

Inmate suffers permanent damage after doctor ignores him

Everyone is entitled to adequate medical care, regardless of their situation. But what happens when the doctors you rely on to safeguard your well-being don't take you seriously? A missed diagnosis can lead to a highly exacerbated condition, permanent damage or even death. Sadly, many patients in Maryland and throughout the United States find themselves suffering needless harm at the hands of negligent, careless or poorly trained doctors.

Woman died after doctors fail to diagnose cancer

Although doctors in Maryland are usually diligent and professional, sometimes they still make mistakes. It is not always easy to determine the source of an illness, but when a serious condition goes undiagnosed, it can have serious repercussions for the patient. In some cases, misdiagnosis can even exacerbate the patient's illness, or allow it to progress to a point where treatment is no longer as effective.

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