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Maryland man dies of brain injury

Throughout your life, it is likely that you will experience many knocks and falls in one form or another. Most of these will be minor and easily forgotten. However, every so often, these injuries can have serious repercussions, particularly in the case of head trauma. Brain injuries can be life-changing or even fatal and they can occur all too easily. A recent dispute between friends in Maryland resulted in the death of one after he struck his head on the sidewalk.

The two men were at the Harbor Inn in Ocean City when the altercation began. It is believed to have begun as a friendly disagreement, but ended with one man striking the other. The ground was icy and the second man allegedly fell, fracturing his skull. The injuries are believed to have been the cause of his subsequent death. The whole incident was recorded by surveillance cameras and the first man was arrested on manslaughter charges.

Initially, there was some deliberation over which man had been the primary aggressor. At his second trial, however, the accused was found guilty of causing the death of his friend. It is possible that the family of the victim may now choose to pursue compensation. If nothing else, it is possible that they will want answers as to what brought about this unfortunate incident.

For other residents of Maryland, this case serves as a reminder of how easily head trauma can have serious consequences. If you or a loved one have suffered a brain injury, you may be worried about the cost of treatment and medical care. However, an attorney may be able to help you pursue compensation for your injuries, so you can survive the extra expenses.

Source: The Dispatch, "Man Found Guilty In Friend’s Death At Second Trial; Jury Reaches Verdict Less Than Hour," Shawn J. Soper, June 19, 2014

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