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June 2014 Archives

Maryland man dies of brain injury

Throughout your life, it is likely that you will experience many knocks and falls in one form or another. Most of these will be minor and easily forgotten. However, every so often, these injuries can have serious repercussions, particularly in the case of head trauma. Brain injuries can be life-changing or even fatal and they can occur all too easily. A recent dispute between friends in Maryland resulted in the death of one after he struck his head on the sidewalk.

Woman awarded over $200,000 in medical malpractice suit

If you have ever been through surgery, you will know the worry and uncertainty that can precede it. You may also recall the relief when it is all over and the problem has been resolved. But what if the issue was not fixed or if mistakes were made during the surgery? What if the doctors in whom you placed your trust were negligent in their duties and in fact left you in a worse condition than you were in prior to the surgery? Sadly, this is a reality all too many patients in Maryland and the rest of the United States have faced.

Parents sue over newborn's brain damage

Giving birth is both emotionally and physically demanding and mothers depend heavily on the diligence and professionalism of the medical staff attending them. However, any negligence or oversight can result in serious and even permanent harm to the mother and her newborn child. Sadly, in Maryland and across the U.S., children suffer lifelong injuries every year as a result of improper birthing procedures.

Woman awarded $12 million for punctured colon

Placing yourself in the hands of medical professionals should not be a daunting prospect. Throughout Maryland, many doctors and nurses do their utmost to ensure their patients are adequately cared for. Nevertheless, errors still occur and can often result in long-term damage to the patient, or exacerbation of their condition. It is vital that needless harm of this nature be challenged so those responsible cannot continue to endanger their patients.

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