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April 2014 Archives

Buried alive: when medical malpractice may be the perpetrator

A life was lost in a most horrific way earlier this month when a doctor made an incredible mistake. This medical malpractice case is tied into the topic of our previous posts. Our previous post touched on the issues of misdiagnosis and failure to diagnose that can lead to serious complications or even fatal consequences.

Is first line of defense misdiagnosing at alarming rate?

The bulk of our health care often occurs in a doctor’s office or in another outpatient setting. It’s the first line of defense, where we go for preventative care or for an initial diagnosis and referral to a specialist when necessary. What happens if these physicians misdiagnose an illness or fail to diagnose a serious condition altogether?

Debate continues over Maryland birth injury fund

Giving birth to a child is often described as the best day in a parent’s life. It is filled with not only the excitement of an incredible change in the parent’s life but also the promise of the endless possibilities the future holds for that amazing little being that mom and dad is holding their arms.

Bar-coded sponges suggested as solution in foreign object cases

Hospitals in Maryland are filled with protocol for a very specific, important reason. That reason is that the lives of patients are in the hands of the doctors and medical staff. Failure to accurately update a chart might mean that the doctor on the next shift doesn't have the necessary information to treat the patient. A surgeon that doesn't scrub his or her hands for the required amount of time could cause a post-op infection that complicates the patient's recovery.

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